Home of the Forties

Pete's Tap, in Muscatine, IA, is the area's leading bar and grill serving Muscatine, Wilton, West Liberty and surrounding areas. We serve appetizers, wings, burgers, fish fry, beer, liquor and more. For your next night out, visit Pete's Tap in Muscatine. Daily Specials: Tuesday: $5 Shrimp and Fries & $2 Busch Light & Bud Family Tall Boys Wednesday: $6 Chicken Sandwich & Fritter Fries $1.75 Bud, Bud Light, Busch Light 16oz Thursday: $3 Liver or Gizzards & $4.00 40oz Bottles Friday: Fish Fry - Catfish or Walleye & $5.00 16oz Craft Draws